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Omnidirectional ToF-Sensor with 360x60° FoV

Four Times Faster Machine Vision

High-Resolution X-ray Inspection in Production Environments

Image: IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH

12/20MP Cameras and 5MP Polarization Sensor

Starting in August, IDS will offer three new sensors for the uEye FA cameras: 12MP (IMX226) and 20MP (IMX183) Sony sensors, and the 5MP IMX250MZR polarization sensor. The models’ housings, lens tubes and screw-type connectors ...

Image: Jabil Optics Germany GmbH

Omnidirectional ToF-Sensor with 360x60° FoV

Jabil Inc. is developing a omnidirectional sensor for robotic and industrial platforms. By combining a custom optical assembly with an active illumination approach, a new 3D time-of-flight (ToF) depth sensor with a 360×60° field of view is being developed. ...

Image: Wenglor Sensoric GmbH

Update makes 2D/3D Profile Sensors smart

In future the more than 80 models of 2D/3D profile sensors in the weCat3D series by wenglor can also be used as a smart version, i.e. without an external evaluation unit. Profile recording as well as evaluation takes place ...

Image: Baumer Holding AG

Smart AI-Cameras with Nvidia Jetson Moduls

With the AX Smart Cameras, Baumer presents its first industrial smart cameras. These combine Nvidia Jetson Nano or NX modules with Sony CMOS sensors to form a freely programmable image processing platform for AI applications. The 3.2 and 5MP cameras ...

Image: Nvidia GmbH

Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial Module

Nvidia's Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial module enables AI deployment in harsh environments, delivering up to 30 trillion TOPS of AI performance. It is pin, software and form factor compatible with the existing Jetson AGX Xavier module, making upgrades easy. ...

Image: B&R Industrie-Elektronik GmbH

Four Times Faster Machine Vision

Thanks to a quad-core processor and a just-in-time compiler, vision tasks with B&R Automation's smart camera will be performed up to four times faster in the future. With the latest Steady version of MVTec’s Halcon library, the vision system now ...

Image: Micro-Epsilon Messtechnik GmbH & Co. KG

3D Inline Snapshot Sensor for Geometry, Shape and Surfaces.

The surfaceCONTROL 3D 3500 sensor from Micro-Epsilon is used for high-precision inline 3D measurement. With a repeatability of up to 0.4µm in the z-direction, Valid3D technology enables complete 3D evaluations of geometry, shape and ...

Image: Teledyne Imaging

3D Profile Sensor Capable of up to 45.000 Profiles/s

Teledyne Dalsa is introducing the Z-Trak2, a new series of 3D profile sensors that achieve speeds of up to 45,000 profiles/s. The new sensors have a wider field of view, improved HDR capabilities, a 5GigE interface and 2,048 pixels per profile. The models are ...

Image: AT - Automation Technology

High-Speed Module for Modular 3D Sensor

The cx4090HS sensor module expands the modular C6 series from AT - Automation Technology with a sensor speed of up to 26kHz as well as a resolution rate of 4,096 measuring points per profile. With a factor of 1.8, the module is almost twice as fast as the previous 4K ...

Image: Bizerba GmbH & Co. KG

Weight and Volume Measurement for Logistics

Metrilus' MetriXFreight 3D camera-based data collection and freight measurement solution, combined with Bizerba's weighing solutions, creates a fully integrated, complete system for volume and weight measurement. It can be used to measure goods ...

Image: Ametek GmbH Division Creaform

3D Software Platform for Better Scanning Results

In version 9.0 of Creaform's Vxelements 3D software platform, the user experience has been further improved and usability enhanced. For example, the Viewer Tool is used for sharing data. The platform can also be used with the company’s latest 3D scanners ...

Image: VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH

High-Resolution X-ray Inspection in Production Environments

While open X-ray sources offer excellent resolution, sealed MiniFokus sources are easy to use, enable high X-ray energy and require less maintenance. Comet Group's MesoFocus source resolves the conflict between high resolution and the requirements of demanding ...