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Camera withstand Impacts of 40G

3D Laser Scanner for Manual and Automated Systems

3D Shape Detection with Thermal Radiation

Image: Hangzhou Hikrobot Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Cameras with Advanced ISP Functions

Hikrobot released the second generation of its CS camera series. Advanced ISP functions have been added to reduce the image processing burdens. The camera has built-in a variety of complex algorithms and functions, such as lossless compression, 2D noise reduction, lens shading correction, CCM, etc. more...

Image: JAI A/S

26MP Images at 150fps

The Spark Series SP-25000-CXP4A of JAI is a 26MP area scan camera capable of providing full resolution images at 150fps. The camera is available in monochrome and Bayer color versions which are equipped with four-channel CoaXPress v2.0 interfaces. The models incorporate the Gpixel GMAX0505 CMOS Global Shutter imager with a resolution of 5120x5120 pixels. The 2.5-micron pixel size results in a 1.1-inch optical format supporting the use of C-mount lenses to provide additional system savings in both cost and size. Overall size is 62x62x60.5mm including lens mount and cooling fins.  more...

Image: Baumer Optronic GmbH

29x29mm Camera with 24MP

Baumer's compact CX camera series (29x29mm) is being expanded with the new up to 24MP Pregius S sensors. The series expansion starts with the 24MP IMX540 sensor, the series production of the cameras in the resolutions 5, 8, 12 and 20MP starts staggered thereafter. more...


Image: Sony Deutschland GmbH

Camera withstand Impacts of 40G

Iberoptics has created a family of highly-impact-resistant modules called HarshCam, based on the Sony FCB camera modules that enable the cameras to withstand impacts of 40G for over 11ms and automatically retain focus by keeping the zoom position. more...

Image: Hamamatsu Photonics Deutschland GmbH

InGaAs Image Sensor Module with USB 3.1

The C16090 series of Hamamatsu is an image sensor module (70x70x145mm) with an InGaAs area image sensor (320x256 pixel, 20µm pixel pitch). It consist of a driver circuit, temperature controller, and high-speed communication controller, etc. more...

Image: Gpixel NV

ToF Sensor with 60fps at 165MHz

Gpixel and Tower Semiconductor announced the GTOF0503 Time of Flight (ToF) sensor, utilizing Tower's pixel on its 65nm pixel-level stacked BSI CIS technology. The sensor features a 5µm 3-tap ToF pixel incorporating a pixel array with a resolution of 640x480 pixels. more...


Image: Hexagon Metrology GmbH

3D Laser Scanner for Manual and Automated Systems

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence announced the launch of the Absolute Scanner AS1 with an automation-capable data collection speed of 1.2 million points per second and interoperability between portable arm and laser tracker systems. more...

Image: Pleora Technologies Inc.

Simplify AI for Quality Inspections

Pleora's Hybrid AI approach integrates 'no code' algorithm development and edge processing to simplify the deployment of end-to-end quality inspections. With a drag&drop algorithm development platform, non-experts can develop 'no code' AI and traditional computer vision inspection plug-ins in hours. more...

Image: AT - Automation Technology

Virtual Test Tool for Infrared Cameras

With the IRSX Simulator, AT - Automation Technology has developed a software tool to simulate the IRSX smart infrared camera with all its functions on the computer. more...


Image: Dr. Johannes Heidenhain GmbH

Angle Measuring Modules for High-Precision Measuring Robots

For applications requiring particularly compact and rigid bearings, Heidenhain presents the MRS angle encoder modules. They are optimized for low to medium speeds and medium loads. more...

Image: Fraunhofer-Institut IOF

3D Shape Detection with Thermal Radiation

Fraunhofer IOF's MWIR 3D Sensor can be used to scan objects in 3D, regardless of whether they are made of transparent plastic or glass. The heart of the system is a CO2 laser with which the object to be measured is irradiated. more...

Image: Gigajot Technology Inc.

Photon Counting Cameras at Room Temperature

The CMOS-based QIS devices of Gigajot Technology has a patented sensor architecture and pixel design to achieve low noise that enables accurate detection of individual photons of light. more...