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Starter kit to control up to 36 accessories

Performance monitoring of barcode readers

Deformation analysis of sheet metal

Picture: Lucid Vision Labs Inc.

5GigE Cameras with IP67

The Atlas 5G camera family of Lucid Vision will be expanding with IP67 models with the Atlas ATP 5GBASE-T product line and will feature a range of global and rolling shutter sensors. mehr...

Picture: Ximea GmbH

sCMOS cameras with BSI sensors

Ximea has integrated in their scientific cameras the newest Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) sensors by Gpixel, assembled mainly under Gsense family. They start with models based on Gsense5130, 400, 6060 and especially Gsense2020 including the BSI versions. mehr...

Picture: BitFlow, Inc.

Starter kit to control up to 36 accessories

BitFlow offers a starter kit version of its BitBox device, providing designers with a simple, cost-effective means to connect and continuously control up to 36 strobes, solenoids, actuators and other accessories in high-density I/O applications, plus acquire data input from equipment ranging from photo detectors to triggers. mehr...

Picture: DCM Sistemes

Multiple pictures with different lighting setting

The Bulk Trigger function of DCM Sistemes allows users to capture multiple pictures of the same piece with different lighting settings and using a single trigger signal. mehr...

Picture: Edmund Optics GmbH

Cost effective optics holder

The E-Series from Edmund Optics consists of various kinematic optical mirror mounts. These feature smooths optical alignment, while the compact size proves advantageous for a variety of applications as they can be tilted. mehr...

Picture: Mitutoyo America Corporation

AI Software for Inspection

Mitutoyo America announces the release of the AI Inspect Software, which is designed to assist customers with next generation visual defect analysis. The software features two distinct modules: The Training Module and Runtime Module. mehr...

Picture: Cognex Germany Inc.

Performance monitoring of barcode readers

Cognex's Edge Intelligence (EI) platform enables barcode reader performance monitoring and device management to detect performance issues and prevent downtime. Within minutes of installation, the software begins collecting device data and visualizes the results in dashboards. mehr...

Picture: Sensopart Industriesensorik GmbH

5MP vision sensor with motorized focus

The 5MP Vision Sensor Visor V50 from Sensopart is now also available with integrated optics and illumination. A variant with high depth of field enables flexible detection of objects at changing distances. mehr...

Picture: Midwest Optical Systems, Inc.

Neutral Density Filters

Midwest Optical offers a complete line of Neutral Density Filters, which can be used with monochrome or color cameras. They are designed to reduce light intensity neutrally over a specific wavelength range without affecting image color or contrast. mehr...

Picture: GOM GmbH

Deformation analysis of sheet metal

The Argus System from GOM is a complete solution for deformation analysis in sheet metal forming processes. The system consists of a photogrammetry camera and the revised Argus Professional Software. mehr...

Picture: Polytec GmbH

Inline White-Light Interferometer

With a height measurement range of 400µm, the microscope-based system with its high lateral resolution is suited for precise inline roughness measurement. Scanning is performed in real time using complex algorithms on graphics cards. mehr...

Picture: Ametek GmbH Division Creaform

Mobile 3D scanner ready to go in two minutes

The Silver Series of the HandyScan 3D product line from Creaform enables highly accurate and repeatable 3D measurements of complex surface at any location. The scanners achieve scan quality with an accuracy of up to 0.03mm and, thanks to a 7 laser crosshair, surfaces with a scan area of 275x250mm can be captured. mehr...