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8K Line-scan Camera with Dual 10GigE Interface

Hyperspectral Light Field Cameras from UV to NIR

World's Fastest 2D Polarization Camera

Picture: Hangzhou Hikrobot Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

151MP Colour Area Scan Camera

HIKRobot has launched a new 151MP colour area scan camera, based on the Sony IMX411 image sensor. With a Rolling Shutter the MV-CH1510-10XC-M72-NF model has a four channel CXP-6 CoaxPress interface, allowing 6.2fps at a super high-resolution of 151MP. mehr...

Picture: Matrix Vision GmbH

10GigE Camera Series with IP67

The mvBlueCougar-XT camera series from Matrix Vision has an IP67 housing and a 10GigE interface. The integrated frame buffer of 2048MB ensures reliable data transmission. The first models include Sony's 24.6MP IMX530 sensor to achieve 50.5fps, with the 20.4MP IMX531 sensor 60.9fps, and the 16.2MP IMX532 sensor 76.5fps. mehr...

Picture: Chromasens GmbH

8K Line-scan Camera with Dual 10GigE Interface

The allPIXA evo 8K line-scan color camera of Chromasens has a dual 10GigE interface combined with a CMOS sensor consisting of 16 lines of 8K resolution (16x81925µm pixels). Each of the 16 lines may be independently controlled and operated simultaneously for full-color RGB image capture at line rates up to 3x 90kHz. mehr...

Picture: Lucid Vision Labs Inc.

Edge Computing Camera with new Xilinx Multiprocessing SoC

The Triton Edge camera of Lucid Vision Labs features the new Xilinx's Zynq UltraScale+ technology with multi-processor functionality and user programmable FPGA accessibility. It offers unparalleled access to on-camera hardware to develop and run custom image processing. mehr...

Picture: Opto Engineering S.r.l.

Hole Inspection Optics with Adaptive Lens Focusing

The PCHI optics of Opto Engineering inspects holes, cavities and containers. Unlike common optics or 'pinhole lenses' which can only image flat fields of view, hole inspection optics are specifically designed to image both the bottom of a hole and its vertical walls. mehr...

Picture: B&R Industrie-Elektronik GmbH

Linking Complex Tasks

B&R's new Smart Camera links a wide range of image processing tasks in real time. For example, if different product variants are being manufactured on a machine at the same time, the camera can use just one image to check which variant is involved and whether the packaging print is in order. mehr...


Picture: NET New Electronic Technology GmbH

Smart Camera for Machine Learning

NET's Iam smart camera is a SoC platform with integrated FPGA and ARM CPU, which solves time-critical machine learning tasks that were previously only handled by host PCs with multicore processor architectures. Neural networks can be used to solve segmentation and classification tasks. mehr...

Picture: Wenglor Sensoric GmbH

Software Freedom for 2D/3D Profile Sensors

By integrating the latest GigE Vision interface (compatible with standard version 2.1), all weCat3D 2D/3D profile sensors from Wenglor can now communicate directly with external software from EVT Eye Vision Technology, MVTec (Halcon), Adaptive Vision or Matrox Imaging. mehr...

Picture:Cubert GmbH

Hyperspectral Light Field Cameras from UV to NIR

The 3D hyperspectral light field cameras Ultris 20 and 20 Plus have been upgraded to include a wavelength range of 350 to 1000nm enabling UV-VIS-NIR coverage. With a constant FWHM of 10nm across all channels, over 160 spectral bands compared to the previous 100 plus, and a native image resolution of 410x410 pixels (combined with the pan sensor on the Ultris X20 Plus model over 1800x1800 pixels is possible), the Ultris X20 camera takes hyperspectral imaging to new heights. mehr...

Picture: AT - Automation Technology

Temperature Measurement Accuracy of +/-0.3°C for IR Cameras

With the Smart Blackbody IRS Calilux from AT - Automation Technology, IR cameras can achieve a temperature measurement accuracy of +/-0.3°C, regardless of the ambient conditions. The connection to infrared cameras or other system components is bidirectional via Ethernet and/or WLAN; when used with an IRSX infrared camera from AT, the data exchange even works directly. mehr...

Picture: Photron USA, Inc.

World's Fastest 2D Polarization Camera

The high-speed polarization camera Crysta of Photron utilizes a high-speed 2D birefringence measurement system with a sampling rate of 1.3MHz as the core device of the system with 16 parallel read out circuits in a matrix in the image sensor, which are connected to each pixel with individual A/D converters. mehr...

Picture: Becom Systems GmbH

Crankshaft Detection with ToF Camera

For the detection of the deposit positions of crankshafts in transport boxes of an OEM supplier, Solid 3D Engineering decided to use the ToF 3D camera Argos 3D from Becom Systems. The software Solid DVI (Distributed Vision Intelligente) is used for the evaluation of the data material. mehr...