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CVB 2020 with Multistream and Multipart Support

2D Profile Sensors with Predefined Measuring Tools

Dynamic Colormap Projection

Picture: Robominds GmbH

Smart AI Bin Picking

The smart bin picking system enables the gripping of unknown components from boxes - coordinate-independent, without CAD or component data and without prior teach-in. mehr...

Picture: Device-ALab

Uncooled LWIR Camera with 1.3MP

Device-Alab introduced the IrlugX1M3, a SXGA uncooled LWIR camera core and is one of the first companies to embed the new Lynred SXGA 12m sensor ATTO1280 in one of its camera cores. mehr...

Picture: Stemmer Imaging AG

CVB 2020 with Multistream and Multipart Support

The CVB 2020 (Common Vision Blox) release from Stemmer Imaging offers new possibilities for image recording, image display and image processing. Multistream support is especially suited for cameras that output multiple streams simultaneously, such as color and IR data for prism-based cameras. mehr...

Picture: AT - Automation Technology GmbH

Smart IR Camera with App Concept

With the IRSX smart infrared camera series, AT-Automation Technology offers a solution for intelligent temperature image processing. With their app concept, the cameras are based on the principle familiar to smartphones: the loaded app decides on the functionality provided. mehr...

Picture: Baumer Holdig AG

2D Profile Sensors with Predefined Measuring Tools

The OXM200-2D multi-tool profile sensors from Baumer offer the possibility to check a variety of process steps. Thanks to Power over Ethernet functionality, the calibrated sensor can be operated with only one cable. mehr...

Picture: Ximea GmbH / Imec

USB3-Hyperspectral Camera

Imec and Ximea have developed an improved version of the xiSpec hyperspectral imaging cameras. Keeping the previous dimension of the cameras (26.4x26.4x32mm) and a weight of 32g, the camera housing has been optimized and new bandpass filters have been developed. mehr...

Picture: Polyrix Inc.

Dynamic Colormap Projection

Polyrix is introducing dynamic colormap projection. This comes as an upgrade to its patented LiveInspection technology, whereby the calculated deviation colormap is projected directly onto the part using a surround array of high definition projectors. mehr...

Picture: Dotphoton AG

Lossless Raw Image Compression Solution

Jetraw of Dotphoton is a lossless raw image compression solution for biotech imagery. It enables researches to compress raw image data up to ten times without compromising image data quality and reduce time and budgets spent on big image data handling. mehr...

Picture: Imago Technologies GmbH

Smart Deep Learning Camera

The freely programmable AI camera VisionAI from Imago Tecchnologies is an embedded solution for image processing that makes it easy to implement applications from the fields of AI, deep learning and machine learning. mehr...

Picture: Micro-Epsilon Messtechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Measurement on Reflective Surfaces

The OptoNCDT 1750DR laser sensor from Micro-Epsilon has been developed for surfaces such as reflective plastic, mirror glass or polished metal. The sensor measures according to the principle of direct reflection and is aligned so that the angle of incidence of the laser beam is the same as the angle of reflection. mehr...

Picture: Euresys SA

Evaluation Tool for CXP Grabbers and GigE Cameras

The eGrabber Studio from Euresys is the new evaluation and demo application of eGrabber. Users can use it to test image acquisition with Coaxlink frame grabbers and GigE Vision cameras, configure the parameters (GenApi functions) of the cameras and frame grabbers, and save the captured images to a file after acquisition. mehr...